Some fantasies should remain just that – fantasies. This is one of them.

Who will be left to speak out for you?

Uber had a huge NYE, and no one’s going to be able to stop them in 2015. Not even themselves.

The latest numbers from Samsung’s mobile business are in… and they’re not looking good at all. The Wall Street Journal reported some of these worrying numbers: The Samsung Galaxy S5 sales (their flagship device) went down 25% year-over-year during the first three months of sales when compared to its predecessors, the Galaxy S4. Sales are even weaker […]

uber cover pic

Uber’s in the news again. And not unexpectedly, not for a good cause. A quick run down of what happened earlier this week… Michael Wolff, an insufferable media journalist, invited Ben Smith (editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed) to a dinner with some of Uber’s management team and venture capitalists. Although the dinner was off-the-record (media-speak for “you […]

When Taylor Swift released her long-awaited album – 1989 – a couple weeks ago, it perked everyone’s interests. It was an album that took her more than two years to create, she said in multiple interviews. To hype the album’s release, her record label released the album on iTunes, CD and Spotify simultaneously. Days later, without any […]

Apple loves the rule of three. If you’re not familiar with what the rules of three is, it’s basically the idea that humans tend to remember information in chunks of three better than one, two, four, five or any other number. In fact, Apple loves it so much that every single Steve Jobs keynote was […]