After blogging for several different companies over the years, I’ve recently been hired as an advisor for new web property that has yet to be announced. While I do look forward to share more details on the upcoming venture, it’s still very much a work in progress. I will be working alongside some of the most talented journalists and business people not only in the consumer technology industry but also all the other verticals that you’re interested in, such as politics, sports, finance and many more.

However, as stipulated in the contract I signed, I have to stop writing for anyone else other than on a blog that I have ownership of. Hence, The Michael Report.

While most of my energy will be focused on the new venture, the news cycle stops for no one. I will continue to post scoops, news analyses and other stories that I find to be interesting and worthy of your time. If you find do read something that you like, please do share it as it really does help the site.

Thanks for sticking with me – it’s going to be one exciting journey ahead.