Exclusive: No One Within Apple Talks To Scott Forstall Anymore

Exactly a year ago today, Scott Forstall, then Apple’s SVP for iOS software, was fired from the company. As it turns out, there were several factors that eventually lead up to him being pushed out of the company: he wasn’t a team player, he refused to sign the public apology for screwing up Apple Maps (letting Tim Cook put his name on the paper and take up the blame instead) and he was someone who over-relied on Steve Jobs to get approvals, push his agenda forward and steer the company in the direction he wanted. Once Steve Jobs passed away, however, no one within the company saw him as anything more than an egoistical yet demanding leader. Worse still, Tim Cook decided that Forstall was a hinderance to team work and with that, Forstall’s tenure (which lasted for more than a decade starting at NeXT) at Apple came to a sudden end. He was unceremoniously booted out.

But what’s Forstall up to these days?

No one knows.

Not one person within the technology news industry has heard anything about him and surprisingly, neither have my sources within Apple. What I’m hearing from multiple people is  when Forstall got booted out, he essentially cut all communications with his colleagues who were still working for Apple. Not a single person I’ve talked to have heard anything about what he’s currently doing now, where he’s at or anything of the like. Nothing at all.

This may be attributed to the fact that when Forstall left the company, he was already unpopular. Many who worked with him agreed that there was only so much of the egoistic, high-handed, “I’m above you so you listen to me” attitude one could take. There were even a few scattered reports that some of his co-workers had mini celebrations when they got the news of his firing.

Forstall’s non-compete agreement is ending soon – he agreed to be an “advisor” to Tim Cook for a year (translation: he agreed to not work for another company for a very large sum of money since non-compete agreements are not enforceable in California).

If there’s a time when we’re most likely to see Forstall re-emerge, it’s now.