Tweetbot 3.1: What’s Coming?

The folks at Tapbots have posted a few Vine videos on Twitter signifying the changes that are coming to the Tweetbot 3.1 update. While most of these addresses some of the most divisive issues, Tapbots have also hinted that other updates are making progress and coming along the way, such as the iPad redesign.

Here are some of the changes they previewed that’s coming with the Tweetbot 3.1 update:

  • The ability to choose a square avatar instead of a round avatar.
  • The ability to turn the Verified “badges” off, which hides the blue checkmark next to a verified user’s avatar on your timeline.
  • Font sizes in Tweetbot 3.1 is now unlinked from iOS 7 and Dynamic Type, which means that it no longer follows the font setting you have set for the rest of iOS 7. Instead, Tweetbot 3.1 will have its own size adjuster/manager.
  • You will now be access and view your Lists timeline just by tapping and holding the title bar on the top of the app and selecting which List you’d like to view.
  • The ability to swipe to RT, favorite or reply to a tweet straight from your timeline – what each swipe does is dictated by the user.

Although a Night Theme hasn’t been officially previewed, Tapbots might also release that together with the Tweetbot 3.1 update.