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Year: 2014

Hey Apple: It’s Really Time To Kill The iPad Mini

When Apple gave their keynote for the annual iPad event a couple weeks back, it only took them two minutes to introduce the new iPad mini 3, explain its features, and then transition on to their next point. Two minutes. By comparison, the…



Hot Off The Heels Of The iPhone 6 Announcements… Apple is set to unveil their latest offering of tablets, the iPad Air 2 (or iPad 6, if you will) as well as the iPad mini 3 (we haven’t heard much about…


Exclusive: Here’s Everything We’re Able To Confirm For Today’s iPhone 6 Launch Event

With just an hour or two to go before Apple executives take the stage to unveil their latest offerings to the world, I’ve managed to secure confirmation for the information published herein from various sources within and across Apple (they’ve…


Analysts V.S. The Truth: iPhone 6’s Display Is Still Most Likely Made Out Of Enhanced Sapphire Glass (And Other Exclusive Details…)

Several news outlet have begun re-reporting Trendforce LEDinside’s analyst report that Apple’s iPhone 6 display, slated for launch in late 2014, will not be made out of sapphire glass as previously reported and shown due to the disappointingly low yields during the production of the…


Three Critical Things We Learnt About Apple’s Future From The WWDC 2014 Keynote

Significance In many ways, Apple’s WWDC keynote yesterday was their most important one in years. They improved on just about every single feature imaginable on OS X and iOS, in addition to adding more features – some of which weren’t expecting. But…


Exclusive: The Next Google Nexus Will Not Be Named Nexus 6

The next Google Nexus phone will not be named the Nexus 6, The Michael Report has learned exclusively based on information given by sources within Google. For every year that Google has released a Nexus phone, it usually comes with a corresponding…