Just In Case You Thought People Cared About Uber’s Bad Behavior Last Year…

The press didn’t treat Uber too well last year. Reports that drivers weren’t properly screened, additional fees were added without much of an explanation, and that the company tried gaining competitive advantage unethically (and much, much more) were all over the media. We wrote about some of those in our huge the State of Uber post here. In it, we also argued that in spite of how bad Uber’s behavior is, it’s still going to be an incredibly successful company (one that investors hope/predict will IPO in the next three to four years at a valuation of ~$75 billion) – if only because the concept of Uber is so novel and disruptive.

Now, we’ve got some concrete evidence that there’s nothing – not even its own terrible behavior – can stop Uber’s sharp ascent to the top of the billion dollar startup club.  Here’s the evidence, posted on Uber’s blog a couple days ago from their New Years Eve night…

Uber NYE Recap Stats

As seen from the graphic, at the evening’s peak, Uber was doing more than 58 trips per second. That’s nothing short of incredible for a startup that didn’t exist a decade ago.

Just yesterday, news broke that Uber just hired Governor Cuomo’s recently departed press secretary to beef up their policy and communications team (i.e. the team that deals with Uber’s problems in Congress and the law).

If 2014 is any indication at all, 2015 is, without question, going to be a massive year for Uber.