Here’s How Many Watches Apple Will Sell In 2015…

Yesterday, Fortune asked a bunch of well-known analysts how many Watches they think Apple will sell in 2015. Their responses ranged from 8 million to 41 million, averaging at 2.5 million per month.

apple watch analyst estimates

Interestingly, analysts have gotten more bearish on the sales of the Apple Watch with each passing month. When the same number of analysts (including Morgan Stanley Katy Huberty’s ultra-bullish 60 million figure, which isn’t included in the table above because she hasn’t repeated it since) were surveyed last September, the average came out to be 22.6 million – 130,000 more than yesterday’s estimates.

This presents the inevitable questions: once the hype dies, are people less excited about the Apple Watch?

Did reality – that they might end up paying thousands for a product they’ve never seen a successful version of before – dawn upon them?

And how harmful is that realization for the Apple stock?

Apple is expected to show off the Apple Watches’ most exciting features in next week’s Spring Forward event, along with the apps that will be available at launch.

Bonus: Many Apple observers are freaking out about an Oppenheimer analyst’s decision to boost Apple’s price target from $130 to $155 today. The analyst, Andrew Uerkwitz, reiterated an Outperform rating, citing his bullishness on the Apple Watch.

“The Watch is firstly an efficient extension of the smartphone, second a facilitator of intimate personal communications, and lastly a high margin product that provides substantial revenue and margin upside to AAPL,” Uerkwitz wrote.