Welcome to The Michael Report…

Michael Young runs the show here. Michael is a successful 19-year-old entrepreneur and startup investor in the areas of social/networks and e-commerce. Most of the content you’ll find on this site will relate to ideas, entrepreneurship and anything else on his mind (usually growth, startups, VC, etc.)…

Michael loves building and scaling ventures, having started his first company at 15 and successfully selling it two years later. He’s currently the co-founder and CEO of Puffle, an e-commerce service that facilitates cross-border transactions for people in Asia. Puffle solves the biggest problem people living in Asia face when shopping online: they can’t actually get the stuff they see (and want) shipped to them, for one reason or another. With Puffle, customers can enjoy the magical experience of purchasing anything they want, wherever they are. In short, Puffle is democratizing the online shopping experience.

Michael occasionally guest-lectures at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business on the business of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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