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This Is The Real Reason Why Apple Doesn’t Want You To Focus On The Gold Watch’s Pricing

This coming Monday, March the 9th, Apple is expected to reveal more information about the Apple Watch in their “Spring Forward” event. The Michael Report previously reported that Apple also plans to unveil the long-awaited Retina MacBook Air at the same event after talking to multiple sources… but if you’re more interested in the Apple Watch bit, then you’re […]

Hey Apple: It’s Really Time To Kill The iPad Mini

When Apple gave their keynote for the annual iPad event a couple weeks back, it only took them two minutes to introduce the new iPad mini 3, explain its features, and then transition on to their next point. Two minutes. By comparison, the iPad Air 2 (which many argued – and I agree – is the only new iPad from […]

Do Conflicts Of Interest Even Matter Anymore?

In 2011, Michael Arrington was fired — very publicly and unceremoniously — from the blog he single-handedly founded, Silicon Valley’s indispensable daily news site TechCrunch. While the reason behind the eventual ousting varied from a power struggle between Ariana Huffington to a disagreement of the acquisition agreement signed with AOL, the underlying reason of why he was dismissed alludes […]

Don’t Buy The New iPads Just Yet

Anyone who has worked in the technology consumer technology pretty much knows this rule of thumb from the get-go: the best software means nothing if a bad software is running on it. Conversely, a great software means nothing if it’s running on a bad hardware. The two go together, hand-in-hand. On hindsight, this was probably […]

The Massive Problem With Coin

For those who haven’t read about it, Coin is one of the latest and coolest startups one can find in today’s saturated Silicon Valley scene. The basic premise of their idea is: if you’ve got lots of credit cards that you carry around on a daily basis, why not condense all of them into one card? Well, […]