Month: December 2013

Here’s The Real Reason Why Apple’s Holiday Ad Drew Such A Huge Reaction

It’s human. If there’s one way I can summarize why Apple’s pre-holiday “Misunderstood” ad got such a huge reaction, it’s probably that. It’s human. It connects with the audience at a level that most advertising companies can’t seem to nail, even those who have been in the industry for decades. The narrative plot for the […]

Do Conflicts Of Interest Even Matter Anymore?

In 2011, Michael Arrington was fired — very publicly and unceremoniously — from the blog he single-handedly founded, Silicon Valley’s indispensable daily news site TechCrunch. While the reason behind the eventual ousting varied from a power struggle between Ariana Huffington to a disagreement of the acquisition agreement signed with AOL, the underlying reason of why he was dismissed alludes […]