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Startups are sinking. Will Facebook drown because of them?

One thing is no longer arguable among Silicon Valley observers: a time of reckoning has arrived for startups. Many startups, whose growth has been fueled not by profits, but by venture capital dollars, will fail – not because they don’t…


Three Critical Things We Learnt About Apple’s Future From The WWDC 2014 Keynote

Significance In many ways, Apple’s WWDC keynote yesterday was their most important one in years. They improved on just about every single feature imaginable on OS X and iOS, in addition to adding more features – some of which weren’t expecting. But…


Here’s The Real Reason Why Apple’s Holiday Ad Drew Such A Huge Reaction

It’s human. If there’s one way I can summarize why Apple’s pre-holiday “Misunderstood” ad got such a huge reaction, it’s probably that. It’s human. It connects with the audience at a level that most advertising companies can’t seem to nail,…