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Jessica Lessin’s The Information: What Does It Mean For The Future Of Tech Journalism?

The web, by and large, is built to be free and is meant to be supported by advertising. Since its inception on the web, news sites like the The Huffington Post, Reuters, AP, The Verge, Engadget and many others built…

BLOCKBUSTER EXCLUSIVE: The Official Prototype Of The iPhone 5C Look-Alike Case For The iPhone 5S/5 That Apple Never Released To The Public

When Apple launched the official case for the iPhone 5C, it was perhaps one of the most divisive Apple-designed products in recent times. The official iPhone 5C was made out of silicon, had a bunch of holes on the back…


Don’t Buy The New iPads Just Yet

Anyone who has worked in the technology consumer technology pretty much knows this rule of thumb from the get-go: the best software means nothing if a bad software is running on it. Conversely, a great software means nothing if it’s…


The Massive Problem With Coin

For those who haven’t read about it, Coin is one of the latest and coolest startups one can find in today’s saturated Silicon Valley scene. The basic premise of their idea is: if you’ve got lots of credit cards that you carry…


Apple’s Pincer Attack On Microsoft’s Core Businesses

The pincer attack is one of the most classic military strategies known to man. First suggested in the Art of War by Sun Tzu, it compromises of the attacking force simultaneously advancing towards the flanks of the enemy in a pinching…