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Apple will release the much anticipated new retina MacBook Pros on Sept. 7

Earlier this week, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported on Apple’s plans to overhaul the retina MacBook Pro lineup for the first time in four years – which, understandably, sent the rest of the press into a frenzy. However, in the course of his reporting, Gurman (who’s widely regarded to be the go-to source for Apple rumors and […]

The road ahead for Yahoo! (Who will buy the core business?)

News just came in minutes ago that Yahoo! has declined to move forward with the Alibaba spinoff, and will instead examine a spinoff of its core Internet business, CNBC reported citing anonymous sources. Such a move could mean several things… Marissa Mayer has realized that she can’t effectively turn Yahoo! around. Mayer is prepared to […]

AdBlock’s mysterious buyer revealed: AdBlock Plus

EXCLUSIVE — AdBlock, one of the two popular ad-blocking extensions for Chrome and Safari, announced that it has been acquired yesterday. Users who have installed the extension previously got a pop-up yesterday announcing the acquisition — without any hint of the buyer or the price it was sold for. As the pop-up reveals, AdBlock is set […]

Exclusive: Apple Set Its Sights On The DSLR Market With Next-Gen iPhones

BuzzFeed News has revealed that Apple will hold a special event the week of September 7th (with Wednesday the 9th being the likeliest date) to unveil its next-generation iPhones, presumably called the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. According to sources briefed on Apple’s plans, the company will dedicate a significant portion of the keynote to addressing what […]

Exclusive: Anti-Facebook Social Networking Site Ello Is In Deep Trouble

Ello, the ad-free social networking site, may not exist for much longer in its current form, The Michael Report has exclusively learned after talking to several people (including investors) familiar with Ello’s current situation and future plans. Launched with great fanfare in August last year after being billed as the “anti-Facebook competitor” by the press, the company […]

EXCLUSIVE: The Haunting Tale Behind Why Samsung’s Profits Fell By More Than 1/4

It only took Samsung three years to produce a phone worthy of competing with the de facto smartphone at the time: the iPhone 3G. In 2010, Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy S to much fanfare, with specifications worthy of competing with Apple’s iPhone toe to toe. For a couple years, everything at Samsung’s mobile division […]


Hot Off The Heels Of The iPhone 6 Announcements… Apple is set to unveil their latest offering of tablets, the iPad Air 2 (or iPad 6, if you will) as well as the iPad mini 3 (we haven’t heard much about the name internally), little more than a week from today in an event (Re/code reported the date to be […]

Analysts V.S. The Truth: iPhone 6’s Display Is Still Most Likely Made Out Of Enhanced Sapphire Glass (And Other Exclusive Details…)

Several news outlet have begun re-reporting Trendforce LEDinside’s analyst report that Apple’s iPhone 6 display, slated for launch in late 2014, will not be made out of sapphire glass as previously reported and shown due to the disappointingly low yields during the production of the glass. While that reasoning might make sense in theory (it is, after all, quite difficult […]