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Exclusive: Here’s Everything We’re Able To Confirm For Today’s iPhone 6 Launch Event

With just an hour or two to go before Apple executives take the stage to unveil their latest offerings to the world, I’ve managed to secure confirmation for the information published herein from various sources within and across Apple (they’ve all been asked to screen the report below for any inaccuracies and those that were debatable have been expunged). Although Apple might pull a bait-and-switch move on their employees to prevent any leaks, these are, to the best of my knowledge, the products Apple will be unveiling today at the Flint Center…

  1. A new 4.7-inch iPhone, a 0.7 inch increase from the biggest current offering, the 4.0 inch iPhone 5/5S. As previously reported by The Michael Report, it will feature a waterproof and dust-proof enhanced sapphire glass screen, running at a 1,134 X 750 (326 PPI @2x) Retina HD resolution. It will (naturally) launch with iOS 8 and include an A8 SoC chip with quad-core processing power, an eight megapixel camera as well as a 2.1 megapixel camera for the front facing camera. Similar to the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6 will come in Black, White and Gold color options. What’s new to the iPhone 6, however, is the option to purchase a 128GB version, in addition to the usual 16 and 64 GB options (the 32GB option is gone).
  2. iPhone 6L: this is the name for Apple’s larger iPhone 6 offering, which will feature a 5.5 inch sapphire-enhanced display at 2208 X 1242 (461 PPI @3x) Retina HD resolution. Apart from the screen size and resolution, there is little to differentiate the iPhone 6L from the iPhone 6 (however, the battery life is expected to be longer on the iPhone 6L than on the iPhone 6 primarily due to size – it’s easier to fit a bigger battery into a bigger phone). The iPhone 6L will also come with called the Optical Image Stabilization chip, which should enable what Apple is calling “cinematic video stabilization”.
  3. The iPhone 6L is expected to retail exactly $100 more than the iPhone 6 when it comes to market on September 19 (both phones will have the same release date although multiple supply chain sources have said that the iPhone 6 is Apple’s priority when it comes to production, not the iPhone 6L… which means unless you get lucky on September 19, odds are that you’ll have for quite a bit). Why the iPhone 6L instead of just the iPhone 6? Because people want it – and they’re willing to pay for it, internal Apple research shows.
  4. Why does the iPhone 6L and not the iPhone 6 get a 3x retina resolution? The answer here lies with battery life of the respective devices.. At 3x resolution, the screen would require a way larger battery to sustain it than the one Apple can fit into the slim frame of the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6L, therefore, is the perfect testing ground to ensure all developers get up to speed with regards to updating their apps for the incoming 3x retina resolution, which we’ll eventually see on future iPads, Macs and iPods and iPhones.
  5. Design: no huge changes. Many were expecting radical design changes (like from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4)… but sorry to disappoint. While some changes are inevitable, it’s not going to be a radical change from the frame and design of the iPhone 5/5S. Apple thinks they’ve perfected the blueprint of what a phone should look and feel like with the iPhone 5/5S’ body and they’re not about to change it. Also, the iPhone 5/5S design didn’t have any overt flaws (unlike the exposed antenna design of the iPhone 4), which means that there isn’t a pressing need for them to change it just yet.
  6. Less exciting… but it’s time to talk about prices. The iPhone 6L will retail these price points for 32/64/128 GB respectively: $299/$399/$499. The iPhone 6 will retail at these price points for 32/64/128 GB respectively: $199/$299/$399. Preliminary  internal documents obtained by The Michael Report shows that the iPhone 5S will now retail for $99 (if you bought it in the last few (4?) weeks, you can exchange it for an iPhone 6/6L… Apple is still working out on whether to charge extra for this or not at press time. The plastic iPhone 5C will go free with a 2-year contract (some have been asking… no, unfortunately Apple has not and will not rework the iPhone 5C to include a TouchID scanner).
  7. Apple will debut their mobile payments system, which they’re calling “revolutionary”. There have been lots of reports on this, but one thing previously unstated was that Apple is not looking to “disrupt” the payment services industry… they’re looking to complement it. Also, typical of Apple, they’ve strong-armed several companies in the finance industry to let them take a cut of the profits (one of these companies – which we’ve able to confirm – is MasterCard).
  8. iWatch (or whatever they’re going to call it, which probably won’t be iWatch) – here’s the only thing I’ve been able to confirm for now – and most publications, really: it’ll be something you can wear on your wrist. It’ll revolutionize the way we think about what we wear on our wrists (many within Apple report that the now-infamous “Switzerland is fucked” quote from Jony Ive is an oft-repeated mantra by the designer). My guess, however, is that the iWatch (let’s call it that for the sake of clarity) will be the reason why Apple’s stocks will tank tomorrow – it’s going to be that controversial. It is not a perfect product: it’ll come with a whole bunch of shortcomings (much like the first iPhone or iPad), but many within Apple believe that the release of the iWatch will plant the seeds for Apple’s future wearable strategy.

That’s it for the hardware portion… Apple will undoubtedly release lots of new software too. To follow the event live from your computer, here’s the link: Apple Special Event Live Broadcast. If you’ve got any other tips, please contact The Michael Report.