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Analysts V.S. The Truth: iPhone 6’s Display Is Still Most Likely Made Out Of Enhanced Sapphire Glass (And Other Exclusive Details…)

Several news outlet have begun re-reporting Trendforce LEDinside’s analyst report that Apple’s iPhone 6 display, slated for launch in late 2014, will not be made out of sapphire glass as previously reported and shown due to the disappointingly low yields during the production of the glass.

While that reasoning might make sense in theory (it is, after all, quite difficult to perfect the production of sapphire glass at high scale), engineers inside Apple would scoff at the report – if and when they read it.

Deep sources within Apple’s iPhone hardware division have told The Michael Report that despite theoretical claims, the iPhone 6 will still feature an enhanced sapphire glass display and that the production of these glasses have been nearly perfected to ensure a better-than-usual yield.

As evidenced in the video displaying the sapphire glass’ resilience to scratch and pressure, the sapphire glass display would be revolutionary in its own right – it’s thinner than any glass used by other manufacturers out there and by Apple’s internal measures, stronger than what is widely regarded as the current industry standard: Corning’s Gorilla Glass.

Within Apple, many have dubbed the new sapphire display to be “bulletproof”.

Apple, according to these sources, will market the glass for its durability, which in turn also mean less visits to the Apple Store because of screen defects and cracks.

Although this claim hasn’t been checked throughly, I’ve also heard whispers from within Apple that the company is working extremely hard on improving the touchscreen sensitivity on the iPhone 6 as well as treating it to make it more waterproof – although do note that this waterproofing isn’t the same ones that some Android phones feature, but rather, is a treatment to make the sapphire glasses more resistant to light water splashes.

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Soon after the publication post, two independent sources from a company contracted by Apple to manufacture these sapphire glasses contacted The Michael Report with some additional information, which we’ve verified to be true with other background sources.

The two sources who have personally worked on the development of these glasses said that the reason why the iPhone 6 is more waterproof than other iPhones manufactured in the past is not because the individual glasses are treated or coated with some substances as we previously suspected, but rather, because of the way these glasses are manufactured. In fact, these sources pointed out that waterproofing of the screen is nothing new since many Android smartphones (the Galaxy S line started doing this around two years ago) released in the past had this feature.

Previously unreported, The Michael Report has also heard that the new iPhone 6 display will work almost perfectly with gloves – a pleasantly surprising feature for many who did not expect Apple to do such a thing, since one would expect Apple to label such a feature gimmicky.

As with all things Apple, the much-improved screen isn’t a half-baked attempt to incorporate as many features as possible, but rather, a genuine attempt to improve the lives of the iPhone users – so much so that Apple’s executive team did not green light the mass production of the screens until it could be used with pinpoint accuracy.